Small Town Garden Faversham

Brief: This small town garden felt very enclosed and smaller than it actually was due to the sheds all lined up along one side. The new owner asked me to create a simple design with an open space for her son to play in, a small shed for storage and a shaded patio area.

Solution: Once the old sheds were removed there was enough room for a small square lawn, a cute shed which was painted to match the woodwork on the house and some decent sized flowerbeds. There was even enough room for a couple of trees - a small Crab apple and a mulit-stem Amelanchier both of which have beautiful spring blossom and great Autumn colour. The planting colour palette was kept simple with contrasting green and burgundy foliage and dark red and white flowers with the odd lighter pink or purple popping out through the year - all of which look great with the grey tones of the hard landscaping.

To replace the old tatty fencing the client chose a simple, good quality fence from Jacksons to which we attached steel wires to grow Chocolate Vine and Star Jasmine. As the patio was positioned in the shadier side of the garden, a dark slate was chosen which wouldn't go green with moisture and moss as a lighter paving would. Matching planks of slate set within contrasting silver grey granite create a simple path to the lawn. The patio was dressed with large pots of shade tolerant plants such as hydrangeas and ferns.

© Claire Moreno 2014